Our Idea


Our idea involves bringing together various aspects of a real-estate market place.


“At Superior Negotiators, our vision vision aims at being the leading organization to redefine the traditional model of the real estate industry making the process of home buying accessible in all aspects.”

‘Superior Negotiators’ is an online portal with an idea to bring home owners agents, and real estate businesses together and advertise their services online. Here you can find all information you may need when selling, buying, renting or looking for a professional expertise for financing your property or property management.
We believe that choosing a place to live for our buyers is the most important task. To make this easier we extend support from choosing the right place for you to providing you with guidance at every step whether it is professional financial help or a trusted service when it comes to property management.
Superior Negotiators will provide you with unlimited possibilities, inspiration, guidance and expert advice, allowing for all pivotal parts of the real estate industry to communicate and work together, being discovered by clients and public from all over the world.

We take pride in our research which has helped us in identifying the housing needs based on demographics and people’s desires and specifically created services for every userbase

These include Home Owners, Sellers, Agents and Agencies, (Businesses) Students and Armed forces.


We offer a new approach to advertising your property online.

There is no need to rely on a word of mouth, commercial ways of advertisement, and direct point of sale. In this fast moving and demanding market, we offer new unique ways to get your property across and advertise it without limitations.

Applying guerrilla advertising methods, widely popular as ambient media, we enable all involved parties to participate or interact with each other online. Not being tied to time, place or a large budget, Superior Negotiators enables you to improve your business using a custom made approach to vigorous online marketing, communication, and research,
simultaneously providing a 24h support and ability to advertise your property/services online. Recruit your agent with no hidden fees. Make first contact and assign a right agent to your property. Discrete and fast communication via smart online interface will allow you to ensure that your agent is up to date with instructions and reports back to you instantaneously.

Our agents are checked for legibility to carry out their duties to highest standard. Guaranteed online support for any questions of your interest.


With Superior Negotiators you can advertise your services and be seen by home owners and business at once. With quick and easy access to your profile, clients will be able to reach out to you within minutes . Negotiating business and dealing with enquiries has never been this easy. Agents and agencies sign up to be part of the Superior Negotiators, they will gain a multitude of benefits, the portal itself is a modern-day online workspace for every individual agent. With the unique IMS (Inquiry Management System), Lead Segregation System both manual and automatic and a private note section every agent can access all their information on a unique online diary. We have created an agent friendly website where these options are at the agent’ s disposal to have a everything it takes for a virtual office space and client management for the agents. This will provide an equal platform to everyone listing with us based on memberships, allowing even independent agents access to everything one requires for client management and organize their listings thus driving cost and business optimization for everyone.


Superior Negotiators enable for quick and painless registration for your business to advertise their services online. Providing array of marketing templates, tips, and tools for your business offering to stand out and get discovered by clients from all corners of the world. Get noticed and acquire new connections, network with other applicants and make your business grow strong. We are here to help you succeed at your line of work. Bring new opportunities to the table and strategically position your occupation in the right market place.



University Students, graduates who usually depend on the word of mouth and other vague platforms to project their needs. These requirements range from looking for flat mates in their favourable area to just finding someone you’re comfortable with. We have also tried not to play with your space too much, thus giving you an opportunity to add touch of personal idea as to who are you looking for. After all you know what’s best for you right? Not just students, Home Owners looking for a paying guest are welcome on the Student Corner Portal. All you need is to just post your requirements, pay a nominial fee and our website portal will help you find your desired guest in no time.


In recognition of the incredible work our Armed Forces do for our country, we will assist military personnel in purchasing their own home and renting at a reduced rate.

If you are a member of the armed forces, purchasing your own new build home with us is easier than you might think. If you believe you are eligible for one of our new build home schemes, Contact one of our sales consultants. They will be able to advise you on your eligibility and assist you in finding your dream home.


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